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Location: floor 1

Phone number: 233-21-70

Work time: from 10-00 to 21-00


Official monobrand store of women's clothing, shoes, accessories Escada.


The boutique features two lines Escada and Escada Sport. Elegant, comfortable and aristocratically sophisticated, exclusive clothing. The latest trends and classics, in perfect combination with high German quality and cosmopolitan style, giving charm, confidence and sensuality.

Having appeared on the market in 1979 as a brand of sportswear, Escada gained fame by launching a couture women's line, which was distinguished by an unprecedented, at that time, chic and luxury. This immediately attracted the attention of women, whose sphere of interest includes attending events with a strict dress code such as black tie. Just three years after the opening Escada won the American market, and thus became a global brand. Which is surprising considering how this business started.

In any case, in 1982, Escada became the main manufacturer of outfits for the publication, the red carpet and social events.

But, as is usually the case, time has passed and what seemed chic and sophisticated today seems conservative and outdated. Perhaps that is why Escada has been working for the last couple of years to rejuvenate the brand and make it more modern.

Colors collections covered with mist, and the living shades of shadowy grey, raspberry, Bellini and opal. Fabrics from which the collection is made soft and airy: transparent tape, cashmere and Jersey.

The creators say that"this fascinating collection was inspired by a sense of peace and quiet where the sea meets the shore." The collection includes dresses in neutral colors, soft trench coats and jackets, draperies are made in antique style, light and loose cut.