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Location: floor 1

Phone number: 233-20-81

Work time: from 10-00 to 21-00

The boutique presents a collection of men's clothing, shoes and accessories Sport Couture, Dirk Bikkembergs, Bikkembergs Jeans, shoes, accessories, underwear. The first official monobrand boutique in Russia. In 1986, a new star was lit in the sky of world fashion. The founder of the fashion house Dirk Bikkembergs was the first designer who elevated the sport to the art grade. Sports luxury-so you can describe in two words the style of the brand. Good-quality materials, high – quality cut and incredibly stylish solutions of the master of sports fashion-all this is the fashion house of Bikkembergs. The range of fashion houses, designed for a strong half of humanity, leading sports, but at the same time a secular way of life. Sporty and casual, elegant and militant – this is the style created by the designer. And it is the mixture of different directions that makes the Bikkembergs brand what it is now – a model of high sports fashion. The interior design of the store is made by architect Carlo Callegari from the Studio of Tre of the Italian city of Rubano. The minimalistic, black and white interior of the store reflects the style of the Dirk Bikkembergs brand.